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Thursday, 8 December 2016

The fragrance of Czech and Slovakian films in IFFK

The spring of check and Slovakian cinema will unleash its petals through a handful of eternal films that are to be screened in the 21st IFFK .All the six films chosen to be screened speak the history of the land as well as the lives of its people. Directors like Jan Nemec and Milos Forman had face to face encounter with the socio- political turmoil that had once struck Czecho Slovakia. They had to flee from the native land and were banned from expressing their emotions through films.
In one of the exclusive categories of IFFK called’ Restored classics from Check Republic and Slovakia’ Viewers are given the opportunity to experience the brilliance of cinematic expressions from an eventful land. ’Closely Watched Trains’ by Jiri Menzel, ’Diamonds of the Night’ by Jan Nomec,’ Marketa Lezerova by Frantiseck Viaci, ’Pictures of the Old World by Dusan Hanak,’ The Fire man’s Ball by Milos forman and ‘The Prime of Life by Juraj  Jakubisco are the line of films . As a tribute to the perseverance and outstanding mastery IFFK will honour Director Jiri Menzel with Lifetime Achievement Award. His film’ Closely Watched Trains is an adaptation of Bohumi Hrabal’s novel. World War II is the back drop of this film.
All movies to be screened unravel the harsh and dire realities of the world confronted by man in his various stages of life. These movies endow the spectators to see, feel and experience the socio political and economic realities of Czech and Slovakia. These movies shelved for long have a particular flavor, delving into the absurd and surreal, and bringing ample doses of dark humor while confronting serious subjects.

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