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Sunday, 11 December 2016

Sustainment of film societies has to be our mission and a generation is required to do so, opines Shyam Benegal

“The film society movement in Kerala started the same year as Adoor started making films”, said Director and Screenwriter Shyam Benegal at the open forum discussion that was held in the Tagore Theatre premises. With the decline in film society culture, the resurrection of film societies has never taken place properly, he opined. The renowned director continued by saying, “Kerala has had a very successful history of the Film Society movement”, but with a shadow of doubt, he said “I’m not sure if the Film Society in Kerala is still growing”. Benegal’s words “Take it up as a mission and it needs a generation to sustain it”, where he talks about Film Societies in general is something to definitely think about.
Mr. Adoor Gopalakrishnan said “Cinema is a great medium of expression”. He mentioned in his talk that there were calculated efforts made in Kerala to spread the Film Society movement. “IFFK is a product of the Film Society movement” he said. The famed South Indian director also mentioned that the development of technology improved the way film was captured and seen, but it also opened up other ways where people could access film other than via Film Societies.
Malayalam film director Hari Kumar, Secretary of FFSI Kerala V. K. Joseph and member of Open Frame Film Society Premachandran were present, also taking part in the discussion by pointing out their views on Film Societies. 

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