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Wednesday, 14 December 2016

New dimensions for film criticism

The fifth open forum of 21st International Film Festival of Kerala has been held at Tagore theatre at 5 pm. Seven panelists including film critics and writers spoke on the topic ‘Film criticism and present day challenges’. Creative writer Anwar Abdulla, Dalton, film critics Vijayakrishnan, G P Ramachandran, Madhu Eravankara, columnist Premchand and Sulochana Ram Mohan were the panelists.
The open forum discussed the new possibilities of film reviewing and its drawbacks. The role of social media platforms topped the table. Majority of the panelists pointed out it as a threat in the genre of film criticism.
“Nowadays we wouldn’t even mind writing film reviews with just a synopsis we browse from internet. Our film reviewing culture hasn’t yet progressed from the pattern of reproducing the film’s story line. We need to learn the other enormous possibilities and angles to watch films and to produce better film criticisms”, opined Madhu Eravankara.

The book release of ‘Cinemayile Sangeethayathrakal’ authored by Dr. M T Manoj, ‘Ottakku oru best actor’ by Sathish G Nair, Malayalathile Classic Cinemakal’ by K N Shajikumar, and the official launch of the brochure of an upcoming documentary ‘Ravi; Kalayum Jeevithavum’ produced by Biju V S has also been held along with this event. 

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