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Saturday, 3 December 2016

IFFK to screen the shades and colors of Life of Artists

Camille Claudel directed by Bruno Nuytten
The ruminations ,unconventional romances, tragic relations, self imposed exile, the dark nights of their souls- artists have colored a lot on the canvas with their own lives. It is always a visual treat for any serious movie lover to watch a well crafted movie   on these creative genes. International Film Festival of  Kerala  2016 to showcase  the segment ‘Life of Artists’ solely comprising four widely  applauded   biographical movies based on lives  certain artists had lived.

The movies to be screened in this category are – ‘Camille Claudel’   directed by Bruno Nuytten, ‘Fifi Howls from Happiness’ directed by Mitra Farhani, ’Modigliani of Montparnesse’ directed by Jacques Becker and ‘Van Gogh’ by Maurice Pialat. 

Cinematographer turned director Bruno Nuytten’s directorial and screenwriting debut movie; ‘Camlle Claudel’ recounts the story of 19th century female sculptor Camille Claudel. The troubled life of the sculptor, who was best known as lover of legendary sculptor Rodin, was given life on the celluloid by actress Isabelle Adjani. She received Oscar nomination and Cesar Award for best actress  for her lead role in the film.

Internationally acclaimed Iranian film maker Mitra Farhani’s lyrical documentary ‘Fifi Howls from Happiness’ inquires the enigma of the so called “Persian Piccasso”, the provocative artist  Bahman Mohassess. Attributed with iconoclastic art as well his scathing comments against the oppression of Iranian regime, Mohassess had to abandon his home in Iran to live a secluded life of exile in Italy. He competed with the Iranian government in destroying his own works, raging at human’s inhumanity. 

Van Gogh directed by Maurice Pialat

‘Modigliani of Monteparnesse’, also known as ‘Monteparnesse 19’ chronicles the life of Italian painter Amedeo Modigliani. The film was originally directed by Max Ophuls, who died of rheumatic heart disease, while shooting. Hence his name was credited as dedicatee by his friend Jacques Becker, who completed the filming.
The adored French Film maker, Maurice Pialat who restructured the definitions of ‘realism in the film making’ crafted his movie ‘Van Gogh’ in the year 1990. The movie portrayed the very last 67 days of   ever sensational Dutch painter Vincent Van Gogh. The film was an official entry in 1991 Cannes Film Festival.  It was also selected as the French entry for Best Foreign Language Film Category at 64th Academy Awards. 

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