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Monday, 5 December 2016

IFFK: Tagore Theatre to host folk art festival

This time, IFFK is not merely about films. A folk art festival too will be held as part of the International Film Festival of Kerala at Tagore Theatre every day at 7.30 PM from December 10-15. It is organized also as part of Vajra Keralam, the year-long celebrations to mark the 60th anniversary of the formation of the State.  
The impressive folk songs, tribal dances, Mudiyettu, Chavittu Natakam, Tholpavakoothu and Aravana Muttu staged at Tagore Theatre is expected to give the audience some insight into Kerala’s rich folk tradition.
The festival is scheduled to begin with the performance of the band ‘Rasa’. Singer Reshmi Satheesh of the band will explore the rich and varied streams of Indian folk tradition and bring a perfect blend of global and native music at Tagore Theatre at 7:30pm On December 10. 
The band ‘Vayali’, with a group of talented musicians led by Vinod Nambiar, will present bamboo music with indigenous percussion instruments at 7.30pm on December 11.  On the same day, Kuttappan and his team is expected to enthrall the audience with their nadan pattu (folk song).
Moithu Thiruvathra and his team will perform Aravana Muttu (Arabana Muttu) at 7:30pm on December 12.  Pazhaniswami and his team will stage the dance and songs of Irular community and describe their life situations at 8:00pm on the same day. 
V N Narayanakkuruppu Assan and his group will perform Mudiyettu, which consists of seven scenes, on December 13.  Chavittu Natakam named ‘Charlemagne the Great’ will be staged by Ajith Kumar and his troupe of Gothuruth on December 14. The play is scripted by Chinnathampi Annavi. The folk art festival will end with Tolpavakoothu (shadow puppetry) by Ramachandra Pulavar and his team on December 15.

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