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Wednesday, 7 December 2016


The official opening of the 21st International Film Festival of Kerala taking place on 9th December will be followed by Navid Mahmoudi’s feature debut ‘Parting’. The stage is all set to showcase the magnificence of imageries and intricacies of subjects as 185 films from 62 countries are lined up For the Festival. The movie ‘Parting’ will be screened at Nishagandhi theatre at 6 pm.
The Afghan film’ Parting’ portrays the agonizing and inevitable flee of Arab migrants from their land of existence. They chase the farfetched dream of life in another strange land. Though the strong stream of thought of the film is displacement and aggression, love come as the traumatic prey. Fereshteh and Nabi witness the onslaught of displacement and its peril only through their love and emotion. Fereshteh has to accompany her parents to find refuge in Iran as the situation demands. Here Nabi, her lover take rather a dangerous decision to illegally cross the border with Fereshteh through Turkey and then to Europe. He is all hopeful to find a better life there. 
‘Parting’ is more about those who stranded in chaos than made their life a journey or moved by situations. Set almost entirely in the Iranian capital Tehran, ‘Parting’ is an intense and vivid illustration of migrant lives in limbo. The movie is being screened for the first time in India. 

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