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Saturday, 3 December 2016

IFFK 2016 All-powered and Geared with Advanced Technologies

With   RFID delegate cards, Touch Kiosks, Digital display screens and Near Field Technology (NFC) scanning technique –IFFK 2016 is getting all powered and geared up with advance technologies to enhance the festival experience for the delegates. The new technological enhancements in addition to festival mobile application- IFFKerala, SMS alerts and one –time registration facilities are going to make the festival days more hi-fi. 
Each   delegate will be receiving an RFID admit card instead of a PVC card, with a unique  and procured identification number. There is no dice to duplicate the admit card for the festival, from now on. The scanning of the RFID cards will be done by at the doorsteps of the theatres by the volunteers using NFC technology which is one among the best and fastest scanning technologies in the android platform.
This is the first time NFC technology is being used in any Film festival for scanning purpose, in India. The full implementation of scanning of each delegate watching movies will enable the tracking of a wide range of information. The movies watched by each delegate will be tracked and recorded to the unique RFID number.  Also, the provision of scanning will be used to identify the live number of unoccupied seats available at a particular theatre for a show. 
There will be a digital display of wide range of information provided in front of each theatre. Beside the basic information about the movie being screened, the other useful data like number of seats reserved for the particular show, number of seats already occupied, number of seats available in other theatres where movies are going to start simultaneously at the same time will be displayed. The live status of the number of unoccupied seats will help walk-in delegates who wish to see a particular movie. 
For booking of seats and voting touch kiosks will be available in the festival. The booking and voting can also be done by accessing the IFFK official site, mobile application which is available in both android and IOS platform or by SMS. Booking by SMS can be done only by users who have verified their contact number during registration. Registered users can send the show-code, for a particular movie screening to the number ‘9446301234’ for booking. SMS alerts of important information will also be sent to the registered delegates. The Indian startup Azinova Technologies is providing Information Technology backbone to the 21st edition of  IFFK.

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