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Sunday, 11 December 2016

Films of Social Relevance-Pick of the Day

Noted films ‘Van Gogh,’ ‘Sin Nombre’, “The Cursed ones.’Loev will be screened tomorrow in the IFFK. The last 67 days in the life of the eternal Dutch painter Vincent Van Gogh is a torment which has been contemplated by generations by going through his life history. In the film ‘Van Gogh’ the director takes on the perennial impressions that his art and life has poured on to a sublime level of interpretation-suicide, deteriorating mental stability and poverty and the height of artistic galore. Maurice Pialat is the director.
Loev, the much talked about film from the gender Bender category by Sudhansu Saria. Love crosses all the barriers and reaches to a level of non-identity as two gay lovers find their fulfillment. The movie discusses a universal theme in the subtle way.
‘The cursed ones points to a possessed girl who is crucified as a witch. A man’s efforts to save her are the central theme of the movie directed by Nana Obiri Yiboah.Ethos of African society vivid and transparent as the movie unfolds further.
Sin nombre talks about the youth of Central America in the wake of social chaos. The society completely disowns them and swept them apart to the darker side. Naturally they will become fatal for their own self. The director of the movie is Cary Joji.
61 movies will be screened on a whole tomorrow.

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