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Thursday, 15 December 2016

Censorship: A Danger to Democracy – Jayan Cherian

“We have inherited censorship laws from our colonial times. These laws are pre-dated, archaic, draconian and are an insult to artists” said Jayan Cherian in a press meet at the P. K. Nair Pavilion, Tagore Theatre. “Censorship is a danger to democracy” he noted. Directors Dariusz Gajewski, Green Zeng, Santwana Bardoloi, Saibal Mitra, Ananya Kasarvalli, Kioumars Pourahmad were present at the meet.
“The Linga of Shiva is worshipped in India. Our ancestors thought more progressively than us.” said Jayan Cherian, when talking about progressiveness and sexuality. 
Bengali Director Saibal Mitra said “People think that ‘If a movie sells, it is good and if it doesn’t, it’s bad’. For me, walking in that atmosphere is hard” he added. In the discussion, Singapore based Director Green Zeng pointed out saying “My movie is a tribute and homage to my father’s time. I’m showing the perspective of history, which takes a multifaceted approach, rather than a single sided one” when he was asked whether he supported communism.

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