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Thursday, 15 December 2016

21st IFFK- Hits from the Hearts

To all of them the feel that was born as the 21st IFFK nearing to its end - a recurring trance of light and shadows and hearty eruptions- may be different. But some moments of sinking fully in a rare making will be almost same. The mass turnout to a commercial movie and large spectator participation for a particular movie in a film festival is different for in festivals, often the mass decides the success of a film unaware. Here without conflict ‘Clash’ conquered the mass with its sheer realism and treatment. A police van became the heart of the festival and inner and outer trauma attached to the van which is being the sole happening ground of the movie transformed the audience minds to rest their faith upon a piece of art work which is called cinema. ‘Clash’ was repeatedly screened in the IFFK and each time it told different stories of appreciation and applause.
The 184 rare movie presentations from across the globe literally took an aesthetic toll on audience.
 Apart from ‘Clash’, ‘Clair Obscur’, ‘Cold of Kalandar’, ’Sink’ and ‘Manhole’ are the movies from International Competition category which witnessed unprecedented participation of the movie buffs.  ‘Clair Obscure’ was a psychological dance of two women, who are deprived of their natural right to discover themselves. It seemed never end and when looks back at the beginning of the road a dancing crowd of women from time immemorial. ‘Manhole’ stood out as the first movie by a female director from Kerala to make it to this category and it dealt with a strong social issue.  
The Malayalam film category revealed ‘Ka Bodyscapes’ as the beautiful brave. ‘Rara’ of Pepa San Martin from Gender Bender category was widely appreciated for its social significance.
 This edition of the festival had 490 screenings and the presence of 13,000 official delegates from the country and outside.
K. S Sethumadhavan retrospective touched the age old sentiments of Malayali audience. Under World Cinema , Reza Mirkarini’s Iranian movie ‘Daughter’, French movie ‘Elle’ , ‘Neruda’ portraying the eventful and unorthodox life of  poet Pablo Neruda, the celebrated South Korean writer- director Kim Ki- duck’s ‘Net’ and ‘Tamara’ by Elia. K. Schneider was considered masterly crafted ones. 

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