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Sunday, 11 December 2016

21st IFFK: A Dynamic Gala

Iffk is getting vibrant and pulsating day by day with cinemas of varied genre unfolding all the way. The extraordinariness of packaging is being hailed all through. The flavor is impeccable according to the bursting out movie buffs.
As usual venues are flooded with film lovers. Opening movie Parting had a phenomenal turn out and people seemed embracing the movie’s brilliant craft. Manhole. Clash, Cold of Kalandar also received great applause.
Similar to its previous editions, this time also IFFK stood out with its brilliantly chosen packages like Gender Bender and Migration Film categories. The organization committee of the 21st IFFK also received appreciation from its delegates for the smooth and efficient functioning of the gala. 
 The folk art festival organized as part of Vajra Keralam, has made the nights of Tagore theatre more dynamic. It took IFFK to a varied level of involvement and indulgence. The festival has also become a meeting ground of movie lovers from around the world. Many social media groups are gathering at the IFFK venue to share their insights and appraisals of fabulous movies portraying the dimensions of human life. IFFK is also witnessing artists who spend the festival nights with music, songs and dances.

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